Need about 15 metal tent stakes, the plain kind with a hook on one end. Can pick up anywhere in Anchorage. Thanks!
If you got one and find that you just don't use it, I would love to help unclutter your cabinet by adopting it. A small one is great, but a larger one would be fine, too. Katie
It s a longshot, I know But looking for a men s small or medium hopefully yellow Freddie Mercury style jacket that can be worn skating to a Queen song!
I am planting flowers at a house with no landscaping at all this Summer
Looking for 4 round trash can lids. I am making some recycling bins and need some lids to cut holes in the tops. Also could take any trash cans with lids. Can pick up in Anchorage by Friday. Thanks!
Looking for small stones to polish. I finally have access to a stone polisher and am now looking for stones! Also, if you have small seashells--about the size of first joint of the little finger--I'm looking for those also.
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Hello! I'm flying into Anchorage around May 16th (give or take a day or two on either end) and would love a ride to Valdez. I can certainly chip in with gas and can also share in the driving. Cheers! Ilene