When a woman friend said that the Scoby back-up in my pantry looked like "a science experiment gone bad," I discarded my Scoby. NOW, I want to resume making Kombutcha. Do you have a spare Scoby? THANK YOU.
I am looking for a DVD player with HDML cable connection (not pin jacks). I would like to have it for classroom use at school. If you have one you want to part with, please let me know. Thank you so much!
I'm moving at the end of this month and would love to help you recycle any boxes you may have available. Need all sizes including small for books, etc., medium, and large boxes. I will do same for this group post-move. Thank you!
Need to replace our corded landline phone. Basic touchtone phone. Can pick up anywhere in Anchorage. Thanks!
I am looking for an A frame trellis to use as a display at a Christmas Bazaar in a couple weeks. Does anyone have one I can have (or borrow)? Thank you!!
I gift these small treasures to clients at the Brother Francis Shelter. By small, I mean not much larger than thumb-nail size. Thank you!
Looking for an indoor, medium or large dog kennel. Just got a new puppy. Thank you in advance.
Hello! I'm flying into Anchorage around May 16th (give or take a day or two on either end) and would love a ride to Valdez. I can certainly chip in with gas and can also share in the driving. Cheers! Ilene